Journey: Vermont


Farms, Food, and Foliage

To welcome the coming of fall, my husband and I ventured to Vermont for a cozy long weekend. We stayed in Stowe, Vermont, at the base of what will eventually become a ski mountain. On this weekend, there were only bright yellows and oranges covering the mountainside. The landscape mixed with the charm of the small towns and farms on rolling hills put us at peace. I wanted to share some of fun things we did along the way that I recommend trying out if you decide to visit Vermont this fall for a road trip into the land of farms, food, and foliage. Enjoy! — LBL

Shelburne Farms for a homey brunch. Shelburne Farms is a working farm and inn surrounded by water. It is very dramatic. After brunch, we pet cows and walked across the perfectly manicured meadows. There is also a ‘kids farm’, which we discovered is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. There we cuddled with a very soft sheep, we pet a very soft bunny, and we saw new piglets oink at their giant mama pig. And as a bonus, we learned how cheddar cheese is made and got to taste the results of aging.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour to get an inside view about the magical world of Ben & Jerry’s. Yes, it is touristy with flocks and flocks of people coming from around the world to visit the factory… but I found it amusing, and delicious. Ben & Jerry’s pioneered the notion of having a three-part mission: Social, Economic, and Product. The social component of their mission is something I have always admired (along with their mouth-watering ice cream flavors)!

Hen of the Wood to dine on gourmet, farm food goodness. This little restaurant is such a gem. On the outside is an unassuming building with “Waterbury Feed Co. “ written on it, but inside is a dimly lit romantic foodie haven. The downstairs dining room even backs up to a waterfall. All the ingredients are sourced very locally, and every dish we had was delicious, ending in some local apple cider and an apple crumble desert.

Alpine Slide for reliving childhood fun and adventure. This one needs little explanation except push the handle to go, pull it back to slow down, and don’t get too close to the guy in front of you.

Farmer’s Markets to sample some local flavors. The last day in VT, David and I rented bikes and made our way along a leaf-covered path, over bridges, until we finally stumbled on a farmer’s market. There were stalls of handmade jams and preserves, honey, beautiful artisan breads, produce, and even hand-knit mittens. Farmer Sue’s tomatillo salsa won my heart and is currently sitting in my fridge.



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