FEED 3: Somaly Mam


Somaly Mam is one of my heroes. Sold as a child to a Cambodian brothel, Somaly escaped after ten years of rape and torture. She has since dedicated her life to fighting human trafficking and the system that nearly destroyed her. Through funding from her Somaly Mam Foundation, Somaly raids brothels to rescue young girls and women from exploitation and provides them with shelter, counseling, education, and hope for their futures. I asked Somaly to share her “FEED 3″ with us.  In doing so, she reveals her most awe-inspiring quality: her humanity.  — LBL

Body, mind and soul connect to each other to make my life as a human being. Life is about love; life is about accepting; life is about forgiveness; and life is about passion and compassion. Those five things (love, acceptance, forgiveness, passion and compassion) FEED my body, my mind and my soul.



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