FEED 3: President George H.W. Bush


Election Day makes us feel particularly patriotic. So for today’s “FEED 3″ we turned to President George H. W. Bush, America’s elder statesman and Lauren’s beloved ‘Gampy.’

p.s.- Whatever your political persuasion, we hope you vote today.

I want to answer this question as a younger man, and not an 88-year-old who watches too much crime television. When I was your age, I would say it was meeting people. I loved hearing what was on their mind…what they were up to… what problems they had or what problems they were solving. Meeting people, for me, was better than reading, or studying, or research. Just listening.

Barbecue, ice cream, and calf liver (not many people like liver, but I do). And Tabasco on everything but the ice cream. For most of my life, the answer would have been sports. I loved golf, tennis, running – anything that got me moving. I loved competing. Then I would eat the ice cream.

For this question, my answer is the same now as it has been forever: faith, family, and friends.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Bush.



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