Dear New York City…


Lauren in the FEED Sandy HoodieDear New York City,

When we knew that you – our beloved city – would be hit by Sandy; when the sky turned grey; when the ocean started to churn and spit; when we prepared by evacuating or hanging tight; when we lined up in delis and grocery stores to stock up on essentials (water, batteries, candles, cereal, and beer); when we shut our doors and hoped for the best; when the lights dimmed and then went dark; when the wind howled around our dwellings and branches knocked on our windows; when the faint sounds of sirens screamed throughout the night; when we curled into our beds hoping those we love across the city were okay; when we woke the next morning not knowing what to expect outside our door; when our street was hushed with awe at the fallen trees, broken cars, and charred buildings; when we connected with neighbors on the street sharing news and encouraging smiles; when we later saw on the news and Twitter all of the horrible pictures of destruction and displacement around the lower part of our beautiful city and other neighboring coastal areas: we were devastated.

But we know our city is resilient. We, your humble residents, are a unified tribe of survivors. We feel grateful to our mayor and to the brave first responders- the firemen, police, and military reserve. And we were buoyed by the kindness of family, friends, and strangers who knew we were all in this together. We are proud to be New Yorkers, and we will stand by you in this time of need. You are our inspiration, our heart, and our home.



p.s.- We’ve created a FEED NYC Hoodie and Bag for Sandy Relief. Each product provides 25 meals to New Yorkers affected by the storm. You can also donate to our FEED NYC Relief Fund. 100% of your donation will fund emergency meals for people in the hardest-hit areas of our city. Help provide a lifeline to New York as we rebuild and get back on our feet.

Gallery photos taken in the Rockaways the week after Hurricane Sandy by FEED supporter and photographer Tommy Mendes.



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