2013 FEED Manifesto


As we ring in the New Year with so muFEED Our Small World Bag in the fieldch hope and promise,
we do not forget for a second the millions around the world who are hungry.

It is those children and families whom we serve in hopes of providing the most basic of human needs- food.
A world cannot thrive when there is needless starvation and suffering. Our hope is to be part of the solution, a way for caring people to get involved and make a genuine difference.

We will continue our work in the year ahead of us with the humbling
knowledge that alone we cannot feed the world,
but with the help of many dedicated individuals, partners, and customers, we can and will make a difference.

We will never fully know the positive ripple effect of every child who receives a school meal or micro-nutrient powder.
But we do know the world’s burden will be lessened, and for that we
continue to strive and create.

Our sincerest thanks to all those who have supported FEED in the past and will
continue to do so in the year(s) to come. Here’s to a transformational and well-nourished


Lauren and Rachel Ray

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